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l14Y Interoperability Platform Public register of administrative data now available

01.07.2021 - Individuals and businesses should only have to provide the authorities with data once, thereby reducing the burden upon them. Information that is already available should be reused. In a first step towards fulfilling the Federal Council mandate of 2019 according to the once-only principle, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) launched its interoperability platform on 30 June 2021. The platform is a public register of currently existing data collections and classifications at all levels of the administration. 

To begin with, the Swiss Standard Classification of Occupations will be available on the I14Y interoperability platform ( This classification is used in federal statistics, by the regional placement offices (RAV), and for numerous other administrative purposes at federal and cantonal level. Documentation for further data collections will be added gradually. Because no actual data content is made public, data protection is guaranteed at all times.

Further value will be added to the new platform with the l14Y API library: it will provide an overview of electronic interfaces in the public administration. This will make it easier to exchange data between the Confederation, cantons, communes and individuals. This will, of course, require a legal basis; the decentralised data holders continue to be responsible for their data.

There is also space for an experimental section: l14Y Labs presents projects on the reuse of data. An example of this is the l14Y Sviz Graph, which illustrates the Confederation's various digitalisation projects and their interconnections in an interactive web application. 

I14Y is used to denote the products and services included in the FSO’s interoperability tasks. In programming language, the abbreviation stands for ‘interoperability’ by taking the first and last letters of that word and inserting the number 14 to represent the remaining letters in between. 

You can find further information in the following PDF document.


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Public register of administrative data now available
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