As a complement to the established classification system of the land use statistics, the FSO introduced with the survey 2013/18 specifications, some kind of standarized annotations. They allow, among other purposes, to identify multiple land use types and to document specific economic and ecological development trends.

74 specifications concentrating on subjects such as climate change, natural hazards, leisure society, densification of settlements, and landscape interventions will allow to document and quantify economic and ecological trends which affect landscape and become visible in landscape. These specifications can be regarded as an additional information layer augmenting the estblished classification system (in French), so that the comparability of all land use and land cover categories with earlier survey periods is not compromised. The present survey is thus based on a catalog of explicitely defined specifications, whose assignment is mandatory for certain distinct categories. This additional information is expected to further enrich and differentiate the results and conclusions based on analysis of the Swiss land use statistics in many cases. Specifications will be included in land use statistics geodata from 2019 at the earliest.


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