Forest composition in Switzerland

Information on the geodata reflecting the composition of deciduous and coniferous trees. Swiss forests are divided into deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests by evaluating satellite data.

Within the project «Forest differentiation using digital satellite data», the SFO produced in 1996 two sets of geodata of 25 m and 100 m grid cell size differentiating the forest areas of Switzerland in pure coniferous forest, mixed coniferous forest, mixed broadleave forest, and pure broadleave forest. This differentiation was achieved by analysis of Landsat TM satellite images of the years 1990–1992. The project's objectives were on one side the establishment of a basis of know-how and experience in digital remote sensing for statistical purposes, but also the complementation of the land use statistics by a quantitative, statistically substantiated and spatially differenciated distinction of deciduous, mixed and coniferous forest. After performing comprehensive geometric and radiometric corrections of the used satellite scenes, a first step of classification discriminated forest from non-forest areas, whereas forest was subdivided in the four mentioned degrees of mixture.

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