Land: Use, Cover, Suitability

The Swiss land use statistics provides the data base for a multitude of geocoded information on the state and the evolution of land use and land cover in Switzerland, available to the public as geodata. Additionally, GEOSTAT offers some geodata derived from an analysis of this land use statistics, as well as geodata providing complementary information to the topic use, cover and suitability of the soils of Switzerland.

In the land use statistics 1972, the single or predominant type of land use was determined for each hectare (square of 100x100 m) according to the dominance principle, based on the then available national topographic maps. In contrast, the newer land use statistics are sample surveys based on a point sample grid of 100 m spacing composed of regularly
updated, superimposed aerial photographs of a fixed position.

Because these two generations of land use surveys in Switzerland are not only methodically different, but even more so regarding the number und definitions of land use and land cover classes distinguished and available for the production of geodata, the different data options and articles resulting directly or calculated/transformed from these surveys, as well as complementary geodata touching the same topic, are described in detail on the following web pages:


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