Boundaries of urban quarters of Swiss cities

With the project City Statistics (previously Urban Audit) the FSO publishes in collaboration with the most important Swiss cities 200 indicators about three different spatial units (agglomerations, core municipalities, and city quarters or neighborhoods). This serves as base information for comparisons on different aspects of living conditions in these cities. The infracommunal subdivisions used for this purpose are based on former city quarters which were surveyed with the population censuses of 1990 and 2000 and updated with data furnished by the concerned cities.

The outside boundaries of city quarters were adjusted to the 2024 edition of the communal boundaries (swiss­BOUND­ARIES3D) and of shores of eventually adjoining lakes (swissTLM3D) to ensure data consistency and to enable combinations with other geodata.

The presently available geodata contain quarters from 11 Swiss cities. Hence, they do not replace completely the city quarters of 17 cities published in 2006 for the last time. These geodata remain accessible for holders of a geodata subscription, but they are no longer updated.


List of city quarters



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