Sending data to the FSO

The communal and cantonal residents' registers provide the data requested by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) on the basis of Art. 6 of the Register Harmonisation Act (RHA) four times a year. This data delivery forms the basis of the Register survey which has been part of the new population census since 2010.

In accordance with Art. 8 of the Ordinance on Register Harmonisation (ORH) data delivery concerns the following reference days:

  • 31 March (D1)
  • 30 June (D2)
  • 30 September (D3)
  • 31 December (D4).

Data must be delivered no later than one month after the reference day. Complete data regarding the following persons must be delivered:

  • Persons who were registered at the commune on the reference day (all registrations);
  • Person, who died in the 12 months preceding the reference day
  • Person, who moved away in the 12 months preceding the reference day.

Data are transferred by the residents' registration offices in the defined format (XML eCH-0099) via the secure data exchange platform (sedex) to the FSO.

With the help of the validation service, the FSO checks the plausibility of the data delivered and gives feedback to the residents' registration offices on any improbabilities and errors in the data they sent. Error notifications have to be checked, errors rectified and the corrected data resent to the FSO up to five working days after the delivery deadline.


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