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sedex stands for secure data exchange and is a service provided by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

The platform was designed for the secure, asynchronous exchange of data between organisational units. In specific cases a synchronous data exchange also takes place. The platform has high availability (24/7).

sedex was set up in the context of the modernisation of the 2010 population census to secure the delivery of data from the communal residents' registration offices and the federal residents' registers to the FSO. As the data exchanged is sensitive, the platform had to satisfy high demands with regard to security and traceability from the start. To this end, sedex uses modern encryption algorithms as well as the Swiss Government PKI security certificates.

Since it was set up in the middle of 2008, sedex has also been opened to users outside register harmonisation or statistics. Today sedex is used by over 6'800 organisational units in over 80 specialist fields. In 2018, some 17.6 million messages were transferred by sedex.

sedex acts as a mail carrier and can be compared to a registered letter.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about sedex. We would be pleased to show you the possibilities that sedex can offer in accordance with your needs.


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