Instruction manual

Briefly: How do I get a LEI?

Order and receive the LEI for your company based in Switzerland/Liechtenstein in just a few steps:

  • Company information: A LEI can only be assigned to a company in LEI-Switzerland if it has a UID. This will be requested at the beginning of the order process. The data linked to the UID is automatically retrieved from the UID register and thus covers the information requirements of "level 1" according to GLEIF.
  • Enter authorized signatory: In the second step, the system records whether or not you are authorized to sign as a LEI-Manager. In the first case we need a valid copy of your passport (as an attachment). In the second case, the authorised signatory entered by you will receive (after the validation by FSO) an activation code to the specified postal address. This unlock code must be entered in order to complete the order as LEI-Manager.
  • Information on the corporate structure: If your company has a direct and/or highest parent company, the so-called "Level 2 data" according to GLEIF must also be provided. For validation, additional documents are then required that document the relationship with the parent company (as an attachment). If you cannot report a relationship for the company in the application (to a direct and/or highest parent company) or if there is no parent company, please enter an "exception fromthe reporting requirement (opt out)". If there is only one parent company, it is indicated as both the direct and the highest parent company.
  • Attachments: Depending on your previous information, please enclose all necessary documents with your order to prove the information you have provided (e. g. a copy of your identity card or documents relating to your relationship with the parent company).
  • Payment and allocation of the LEI: As soon as your details have been successfully checked by LEI-Switzerland (normally 1 to 2 working days is expected), your application will be approved and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. You complete the process with the payment of your ordered LEI. If you pay by credit card, you will receive the LEI immediately, otherwise on receipt of payment.


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