UID services (administration)

By UID services, we mean the administrative units of the Confederation, the cantons and communes, the establishments of public law as well as private institutions tasked with public law activities and which manage the data files concerning the enterprises (UID entities) with whom they are, consequently, in regular contact.

UID services hierarchy

The data files of the different UID services can vary greatly. In order to eliminate these differences and ensure that only authorised UID services can report UID entities, a hierarchy has been set up between the UID services (Art. 3 para. 1 UIDO). 1 UIDO).

In the UID system, a UID service is responsible for a UID entity. If several UID services are recorded for an entity, the service responsible is the one highest up in the hierarchy. The information reported by the service responsible are shown in the UID core properties.

UID services hierarchy
Cantonal commercial registers
Central register of the Federal Commercial Registry Office
Cantonal agricultural registers
Data files from the cantonal veterinary services

Data files from the cantonal chemists or laboratories

Register of the Federal Office for Agriculture

Medical Professions Register

Cantonal lawyers' registers

Cantonal solicitors' registers

AHV/AVS compensation fund registers
Cantonal tax registers
VAT register
FSO's Business and Enterprise Register

Data files from the Federal Customs Administration on enterprises registered in import/export

Central Migration Information System (ZEMIS)

Registers of the National accident insurance fund (SUVA) and insurance companies pursuant to Art. 68 of the HIA [5]

UID services with limited obligation

Rights and obligations of UID services

In addition to the core properties (name, address etc.) of enterprises, the UID services also have access to additional properties used to describe the UID entities more precisely (e.g. economic activity). A distinction is made between UID services with full obligation and UID services with limited obligation.

One UID service - two UID

We should point out that the system in place requires that all UID services have two UID:

  • The UID services are also always UID entities and as such have their own UID which identifies them as a legal and organisational entity.
  • To carry out its UID service tasks, each UID service is allocated another UID that identifies it as a technical entity and is used for the exchange of data with the UID register.


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