Using the UID register


The UID register can be accessed via the following address:

Registration: enterprises

To consult your enterprise data in the UID register, you have to enter the user name and password sent to you by the FSO in its UID information letter. After you have completed the login, you will come to your personal homepage of the UID register.

Registration: administrative services

In order to use all the UID register functions and consult the data of all enterprises as an administrative service you have to be registered as such in the register. If your administrative service has no login information, please contact the FSO.

UID register search

An enterprise search can be made either by entering its UID (e.g. CHE-123.456.789) or its name in the UID register. The search uses a similarity search algorithm. The search result will include not only the search criteria entered but also similar terms.

An advanced search allows you to define the results more precisely by entering the address, data relating to the commercial register and/or tax data.


In the results, the "accuracy" column shows in percent how closely the UID entity matches your search criteria. Results with a match of more than 79% are shown (maximum 100%, minimum 0%).

The "status" of a UID entity is either "active" or "inactive" and indicates whether the enterprise is economically active or not.

The "extension" indicates whether the enterprise is registered in the commercial register (CR) and/or in the VAT register.

Lastly, the results show whether a UID entity is a UID service or not. Each search includes a search not only by enterprise name but also the search criteria is looked for in any additional enterprise names that have been provided.This means, for example, that a search made on the basis of a restaurant name can also result in an accuracy of 100% if the restaurant’s name is registered as an additional name in the UID register.

Just click on a UID entity shown in the search results to open its data.


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