UID interfaces

Access to the UID system takes place via three interfaces allowing the public to consult the UID register online and the UID services to enter new UID entities and to change or delete existing UID entities.


The webGUI (GUI = Graphical User Interface) is the UID's website to which the public have access. Depending on the access rights, information on the UID entities can be consulted here and UID services with small databases can fulfil their obligations via the webGUI without having to make any major IT adjustments. To access the wider functionalities of the online application necessary to do this, a user name and password are needed.


This interface allows machine to machine communication and is based on eCH data exchange standards. It has been designed for large registers that make frequent changes and consultations. Limited searches can also be made in the UID register via this interface without prior authentication. For more information please consult the eCH-0097/eCH-0098/eCH-0108 and eCH-0116 standards as well as the documentation listed below.


sedex (secure data exchange) is a computer platform made available by the FSO for extremely secure data exchange.  For UID services to connect to the UID register via sedex, an adapter has to be built into the software. Security requirements (certification and authentication) also have to be fulfilled.

Further information


Please note that UID documentation is only available in German (DE), French (FR) and Italian (IT).

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