Purpose of the UID

Using the UID reduces the administrative burden on enterprises and makes the public administration more efficient.

‘Business to government (B2G)’ - One identifier for all contacts with the authorities

Enterprises and the public administration are in contact with one another in many different ways: entry in commercial register, calculation of value-added tax (VAT), OASI contribution accounts, and completing custom declarations, etc. For all its contacts with the authorities, the enterprise can identify itself with a single number - the UID.
New entries, relocation of place of business, name and address changes as well as deletions of enterprises are automatically transferred by means of the UID system to the associated authorities. Enterprises only have to announce information to the administration once instead of repeating it every time they contact an authority.

‘Government to government (G2G)’ - UID register as a hub for reference data

The UID simplifies the exchange of data between administrative offices, thus improving cooperation between authorities.
By having access to the UID register, the administrative offices have an up to date and complete register for enterprise reference data available. Thanks to its many data sources, the register is of high quality. The administrative offices can easily compare and update their data.

‘Business to business (B2B)’ - Up to date information on business partners

The UID register provides enterprises with access to the current company data of their clients or other business partners. Contact with them is made easier and safer with the UID.


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