Modifying UID data

Enterprises can only modify their data themselves in the UID register in exceptional cases. For all other modifications, please contact the register responsible who will pass on the information to the UID register.

Which data can I modify myself?

Enterprises can change their email address, their website address, the language or add an additional name themselves (e.g. to specify the economic activity). To change these details, please log on with the access information the FSO sent you by post. Once logged on, you can modify or complete your data under "MyUID" and "Edit own data".

Which register is responsible for my data?

In order to determine the register responsible, either the reference in the UID information letter can be used or the UID register consulted. To log on to the latter, please use the UID register access details that the FSO sent you by post. Once logged on, select "Sources of information" and read the name in the field "Relevant UID-Service for updates".

If you wish to correct or update your data in the UID register, please contact the register responsible for your enterprise.


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