Batch requests for enterprises

Batch requests offer enterprises the possibility of updating and completing their client data base using information from the UID register.

As an enterprise, you can send us a file containing at least the names and addresses of your clients. The file should not contain more than 100,000 entries. The UID team will complete the file with the relevant UID data and return it by the agreed channel.

Please note that a certain minimum of information is required for the Input file: name, postcode and town. Extracts will only be made on the basis of the file supplied (it is not possible, for example, to request the UID for all legal persons registered in the canton of Bern).

Detailed information on the content/character of Input and Output files can be found under "Further information".

How the UID batch requests work

Data is matched using an automated similarity search and we advise users to check whether the UID entities proposed by us actually correspond to the units for which they were looking.

The Jaro-Winkler score as well as the result criterion (e.g. “NameAddress”) are good indicators of the quality of results. Results based not only on the name but also the address are more reliable.

Matching procedure for UID allocation

Further information



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