UID entities (enterprises)

The UID entities are all the enterprises and institutions identified by a UID. In the UID system, the concept "enterprise" is understood in in its widest sense. The UID entities comprise not only all enterprises active in Switzerland strictly speaking, but also all "clients of the public administration" that have the characteristics of an enterprise or that have to be identified for legal, administrative or statistical purposes.

By registering in the UID register, enterprises and institutions incur no cost and are under no further obligation to the administration.

Who receives a UID?

UID entities are:

  • entities registered in the commercial register
  • entities subject to value added tax
  • persons who are self-employed
  • persons registered in a cantonal lawyer/solicitor register
  • simple partnerships (e.g. group practices)
  • foreign enterprises with a (head) office in Switzerland
  • farms and forestry operations
  • units of the public administration
  • institutions of public law
  • associations

Each enterprise receives a unique business identification number (as a legal unit). The establishments of which the enterprise is comprised do not receive their own UID.

Detail of UID allocation


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