UID interfaces

The UID system can be accessed by the public via three interfaces. Depending on the user's authorisations, the data in the UID register can be viewed and/or changed.

Online register (WebGUI)

The WebGUI (GUI = Graphical User Interface) is the UID register’s publicly accessible website (www.uid.admin.ch). Information on UID entities can be found here depending on authorisation. UID offices with smaller data collections can report new entries, updates and deletions to the UID register via the WebGUI without having to make extensive IT adjustments. A login as a UID service is required for this.


The UID Webservice is a SOAP/XML interface through which communication with the UID register can be directly integrated into business processes. The data structure is based on the eCH-0108 - standard (on business register data).

A distinction is made between two services:

  • the PartnerServices are intended for large registers that frequently carry out both changes and queries in the UID register. These services are only accessible to administrative offices: A login as a UID service is required to use the PartnerServices.
  • the PublicServices can be used for search queries in a restricted form without a login.

See the documentation below for more information.


sedex (secure data exchange) is an ICT platform provided by the FSO for secure data exchange. In order to use sedex, one-off registration as a sedex participant is required. For this, the necessary security requirements must be met (certification and authentication).

  • Asynchronous data exchange: sedex messages can be exchanged between sedex participants via the asynchronous data exchange. The UID register uses this channel to provide information on changes in the UID register via push notifications.
    Connection to sedex is made via an adapter which can be downloaded free of charge from sedex.
  • Synchronous data exchange: The sedex adapter can also be used as a proxy for connection with the PartnerServices of the UID Webservice. The adapter manages the server and client certificates and thus helps to minimise operational costs.

Further information:

Functions of the UID register

The table below shows the functions for data exchange with the UID register and the corresponding interfaces.

Function Description Interface User
Search Retrieve master data on individual enterprises WebGUI / Webservice (direct or via sedex adapter) UID services, Public (limited)
Create Report a new enterprise
(incl. UID allocation)
UID services
Update Report a change to an enterprise
Delete Report deletion of an enterprise
Subsribe Order InfoAbo for an enterprise (subscription)
Register Register as an information source for an enterprise (incl. InfoAbo)
Query new entries, changes and deletions of subscribed/registered enterprises
InfoAbo push notifications
Receive new entries, changes and deletions of subscribed/registered enterprises as an XML push notification sedex (asynchronous)

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