Request to become a UID service

Administrative offices that keep the UID in their data collections apply to the FSO to be registered as a UID service. This allows the administrative offices comprehensive and automated access to the data in the UID register. Depending on their authorisation, UID services are given the possibility to update entries in the UID register.
If the authority satisfies the criteria for a UID service, they will receive a letter with their access data to the UID register.

One administrative office - two UIDs

Every administrative office that is registered as a UID service has two UIDs in the system.

Initially it is a UID unit or assigned to a UID unit (e.g. a cantonal tax office is subordinate to the UID of the canton). For its tasks as a UID service, it is also assigned another "technical" UID. This is used exclusively for data exchange with the UID register (e.g. a UID for a cantonal tax office as a UID service).

Access rights for the UID register

UID services receive various access rights for the UID register from the FSO.
Below you will find an overview of the different access options:

  Access key/additional data Reporting of UID data (new/mutation/
Changes in user account
webGUI read-only access
yes no
webGUI write access
yes yes no
webGUI Admin yes yes yes
Webservice read-only access
yes no no
Webservice write access
yes yes no

The UID services shall ensure that non-public UID data in their applications are also not accessible to the public.

Access rights for the UID test environment

A test environment is available to the UID services. It is advisable to use this especially before productive connection to the UID register and before UID releases. In particular, when connecting via the webservice, it makes sense to check all desired functions and processes including message transmission.

In their request as a UID service, administrative offices can explicitly request access to the test environment.

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