Corrigendum of the rate of homicides of women in couples published by Eurostat

According to an article published in the Sunday press on 25th August 2019 comparing homicides of women in couples (homicides committed by a partner or ex-partner) at European level, it was found that the rates calculated by Eurostat were incorrect for Switzerland. The homicide rate of women in couples is 0.26 per 100 000 inhabitants instead of 0.40 which is the total homicides of women committed in the domestic sphere.

Following the FSO’s intervention, Eurostat immediately corrected its interactive database. The figures initially passed onto Eurostat by the FSO were absolutely correct.

Below you will find the table for “Domestic violence: Homicide victims by type of relationship, sex and age” with all the absolute figures published by the FSO and the special publication “Homicides recorded by the police in 2009-2016 in the domestic sphere and outside the domestic sphere” for additional information.

Neuchâtel, 30 August 2019


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