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New visualisation of the MONET 2030 indicator system Colour tiles to show the mosaic of sustainable development in Switzerland

24.03.2020 - The new visualisation of the MONET 2030 indicator system makes it possible to gain an insight into Switzerland’s progression towards the sustainable development goals. The mosaic is not uniform, however, and while almost half of the tiles show progress, other areas show setbacks. This representation is dynamic, interactive and flexible according to individual needs. It is published online by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

The MONET 2030 indicator system that was developed to monitor sustainable development in Switzerland covers more than 100 indicators. These provide a picture of the progress made towards the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, as well as in relation to certain topics specific to Switzerland.

The new visualisation presents an overview of the system with each indicator being represented by a colour tile. Furthermore, it offers interactive and customisable functions that allow users to inform themselves according to their needs and to gain access to information on sustainable development.

Contrasting results

Together, the tile indicators depict an overview of sustainable development in Switzerland in blue, grey and orange. The tile is blue if the observed trend corresponds to the targeted trend (progress towards the goals, positive assessment), orange if the observed trend is in contrast with the targeted trend (negative assessment) and dark grey if there is no notable change (indifferent assessment). Light grey means that no assessment is possible, for example, because a time series is too short.

Currently, the mosaic shows a rather blueish picture - the trend of 47% of the indicators is assessed as positive - although several areas of the mosaic, particularly those concerning SDG 10 “Reduced inequalities” and 15 “Life on land” are orange. Indeed, the indicators belonging to these two SDGs mainly show trends that are in contrast with sustainable development.

A flexible mosaic

The indicators tiles may be laid out according to several different perspectives. Internet users are invited to discover information through the gateways offered by the MONET 2030 indicator system, by selecting topics which will reduce the number of indicators presented. They may thus focus on indicators that are of relevance to the 2030 Agenda or on those relating to cross-sectional approaches such as gender equality and social cohesion, for instance. Moreover, they can also reorganise the indicator tiles and thus detect certain trends.

Synthetic and connected tiles

Each tile contains the indicator’s key information: its name is on one side and its trend over time on the other in the form of a very simplified graphic, an arrow indicating the trend targeted according to the SDGs and a colour assessing the observed trend. Full information provided by the indicator, whether explanatory texts, detailed graphs, data and metadata, is accessible by simply clicking on the desired tile.

Statistical information accessible to all

The new visualisation aims to make statistical information more accessible and more attractive and to thus also reach a new audience. It occurs within the context of the Road to Bern, a series of events and initiatives that aim to highlight the role of official statistics in measuring sustainable development ahead of the upcoming United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF) that will take place in Bern from 18 to 21 October 2020. The aspect of data accessibility summarised as “data from everyone for everyone” is precisely one of the event’s goals.

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