Territory and Environment

Marc Gindraux, vice directeur, head of division
Marc Gindraux
Vice director
Head of Division

The Territory and Environment division (RU) produces statistical informations on the use of the territory and environment and related consequences:

  • The use of natural resources, such as  soil, air, raw materials and energy
  • Agricultural production
  • Services provided associated with territory such as tourism or mobility and transport
  • The physical and financial consequences of services provided (such as pressure on the environment, change in land cover, financial consequences in the primary sector, transport costs, environmental protection expenditure)

It also compiles multi-thematic syntheses and carries out cross-sectional tasks:

  • Monitoring the sustainable development to track Switzerland’s progress towards sustainable development
  • Quality of life indicators in Switzerland’s eight largest cities within the European City Statistics programme, enabling comparisons to be made between cities at international level
  • Indicator system for the Federal Council and Parliament dedicated to monitoring the objectives of the legislature plan
  • Definition of the territorial typologies to enable spatial analyses.

Informations are presented and made available in the form of results of discussed surveys, syntheses such as pocket statistics or yearbooks, indicator systems and complex analyses. In order to establish a solid foundation for the production of statistics, agreements have been concluded with different partners. These regulate the availability of data or financial participation. Some projects are carried out jointly or co-financed by other offices, cantons, cities or associations.


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