Bertrand Loison
Dr Bertrand Loison,
Vice director,
Head of Division

The Register Division (REG) is the FSO's centre of excellence for the collection, transfer and validation of administrative data and the coordination of sample surveys.

The Division deals mainly with surveys of administrative data in four areas: "Individuals and Households", "Businesses and Enterprises", "Buildings and Dwellings (incl. construction activity)" and "Employment and the Employed Population", as well as the processing of this data for statistical purposes.

It is also responsible for keeping three federal registers, i.e. the Business and Enterprise Register (BER), the Register of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD) and the Unique Business Identification Number Register (UID). Furthermore its tasks include updating Switzerland's General Classification of Economic Activities (NOGA) as well as the Official Register of Swiss communes. Last but by no means least, it is responsible for the running of SEDEX, the data exchange platform.


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