Interoperability and Registers

Patrick Kummer, head of dvision a.i.
Patrick Kummer
Head of Division a.i.

Data are a central resource in the age of digitalisation. For the administration, registers are therefore more important than ever as cornerstones of the data landscape. The Interoperability and Registers Division (IOR) is the FSO’s central competence centre for this highly relevant and constantly growing field. Three federal registers (the "Business and Enterprise Register", the "Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings" as well as the "Unique Business Identification Number Register") have been run successfully for years and their contents continuously developed. The Division also collects data from the official registers of persons for statistical and census purposes and ensures that the data are harmonised at source. The sedex service is another of the IOR’s tasks. This ensures the secure, traceable and standardised processing of sensitive data at all three administrative levels, including in the areas of health, education and economy for over 80 domains with approximately 8000 organisational units.

Recently, exciting projects have been added to the mandate, which highlight the division’s competences. These include the establishment of a national address service – a central service with residents’ addresses – and the creation and expansion of a national interoperability office and platform. The IOR Division thus makes a significant contribution to the reuse of data and the implementation of the once-only principle by strengthening and promoting the interoperability of all stakeholders at all three administrative levels.
In addition, the complete revision of the statistical information system that is embedded in the new national data management programme also managed by the IOR Division, further represents an extensive internal harmonisation project from which many of the FSO’s sections can benefit.

The Division integrates administrative data for statistical production into this context of reusing data. The IOR Division also produces individual data for register-based structural and demographic business statistics.

Other important tasks are the coordination of sampling and international cooperation in the field of economic nomenclatures and their harmonisation and implementation for Switzerland.


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