Population and Education

Markus Schwyn, Debuty Director General, Head of Division
Markus Schwyn
Deputy Director General, Head of Division

The BB Division is the FSO's competence centre for population and education statistics. It is responsible for the production and dissemination of statistical information in the areas of education and population as well as the Swiss population census.The division analyses administrative data and carries out supplementary surveys of persons and households in addition to surveys of education institutions. The division provides key indicators on the development and structure of the population by the most important demographic and socioeconomic subgroups and calculates scenarios for the future development of the population, employed persons and the education system. It compiles composite statistics and in-depth analyses in the areas of households and families, demography, migration, work and gainful activity, income, consumption and living conditions. It produces information that is necessary for the evaluation and management of the education system and designs educational indicators for the ongoing monitoring of the Swiss education system. The division also ensures the coordination and comparability of the surveys on a national and international scale and advises statistics users in the application, interpretation and evaluation of the data.


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