Mission statement


Our vision

We deliver statistical information to sustain the democratic process.

The information we provide helps shape public opinion, facilitates policymaking and enables assessment of government action. Our work is centred on issues of importance to policymakers. By detecting developments early on, we are able to anticipate relevant future trends.


Our mandate

We are a national centre for public statistics.

We run and co-ordinate Switzerland's entire public statistics system. We produce and disseminate key statistical information showing the current status and trends in the fields of demographics, economy, society, spatial planning and environment. We also carry out comprehensive analysis, devise indicator systems to monitor complex processes, produce scenario forecasts and maintain a historical database.


Our principles

We ensure that the information we provide is reliable.

Our work is guided by universally accepted principles in the field of statistics: relevant information, professional independence, accountability, scientific validity, comparability, timeliness, data confidentiality and accessibility. By adhering to these principles, we are able to provide the degree of quality required and thereby maintain our credibility.


Our customers and partners

We cater to the needs of both our customers and partners.

We maintain close ties with users and producers of statistics both in Switzerland and abroad. Our partners are actively involved in the decision-making process. We work to achieve an optimal balance between providing our customers with the information they require, on the one hand, and keeping the burden on respondents to an absolute minimum, on the other.


Our organisation culture

Technical and social skills, motivation and responsibility are important to us.

We strive to create a working atmosphere that is conducive to mutual respect and appreciation at all levels, an atmosphere that not only allows employees to take responsibility for the work they do but also encourages them to do so. We want our employees to develop both their technical and social skills. We believe that employees feel more motivated and work more constructively with one another when open communication is the norm. We also promote gender equality and a well-balanced proportion of Switzerland's national languages within the organisation.


Federal Statistical Office Espace de l'Europe 10
CH-2010 Neuch√Ętel



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