Multi-Annual Programme

The multi-annual programme for statistics is a management and planning foundation for the long-term strategy of federal statistics. In accordance with Art. 9 of the Federal Statistics Act, a multi-annual programme is drawn up for each legislative period. Drafting of the programme is headed by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) in close cooperation with the other producers of federal and cantonal statistics as well as with the main user groups from politics, the federal administration, the economy, the social partners and international organisations.

The multi-annual programme for contains an overview of the state of statistics in the topic areas relevant to government, provides information on the main statistical activities that are planned and establishes the priorities for federal statistics during the legislative period. The coordination of the programme with the legislature planning reflects the strong link between the statistical work on hand and the principles and objectives for the years for the legislative periode.

Reporting and expert's opinion of the Federal Statistical Committee Mehrjahresprogramm and Programme pluriannuel.

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Multi-Annual Programme for Statistics

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