Regiostat promotes statistical cooperation between the federal, cantonal and communal levels. In particular its tasks include:

  • Participation in preparation of the multi-annual programme for statistics.
  • Cooperation and participation in work to harmonise and regionalise the results of federal statistics, development of foundations to expand federal statistics' surveys for regional purposes (additional surveys or expansion of samples).
  • Determination of the division of tasks and costs in cases where the cantons and cities are required to participate in the implementation of federal statistics' projects.
  • Adoption of recommendations and guidelines which apply to all official statistics.
  • Formation of internal working groups on certain statistical topics.
  • Participation in the statistical training programme offered by the FSO and evaluating this.

Legal framework

Article 7 of the Ordinance on the Organisation of Federal Statistics stipulates that the Federal Statistical Office uses Regiostat to promote cooperation, planning and coordination of statistics between the Confederation, the cantons and communes.


Regiostat brings together the Federal Statistical Office and the cantonal statistical offices, the statistical units of cantons that do not have their own statistical office and the statistical services of larger towns. The Director General of the FSO is President. The committee has around 40 members.

The links to the websites of the Regiostat members are on this page.


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