Fedestat encourages cooperation and coordination within federal statistics, i.e. producers of federal statistics and other entities and institutes that are fully or partly subject to the Federal Statistics Act.

Fedestat 's tasks are conceptual, organisational and administrative in nature. These notably include:

  • Institutionalising and systematising coordination between statistical producers to improve the quality and harmonisation of the Confederation's statistical activities,
  • Exchange of information via ongoing and new statistical activities, revision works and elimination of activities,
  • Exchange of information via dissemination policy and international cooperation,
  • Participation in the development and review of the multi-annual programme for federal statistics and work to harmonise federal statistics,
  • Participation in the evaluation of the recommendations and guidelines developed by the FSO as well as in cross-cutting issues in federal statistics and the evaluation of cross-cutting statistical projects,
  • Participation in the organisation and evaluation of the statistical training programme proposed by the FSO,
  • Development of proposals on conceptualisation, harmonisation and regionalisation of the Confederation's statistics.

Legal framework

Article 6 of the Ordinance on the Organisation of Federal Statistics stipulates that the FSO appoints the Fedestat organisation to promote the cooperation, planning and coordination of statistics at federal level.


Fedestat has around 40 members and brings together the statistical producers of the Confederation and other entities and institutions that are that are fully or partly subject to the Federal Statistics Act. The Director General of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) is the President of Fedestat .

The links to the websites of the Fedestat members are on this page.


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