Register survey

The register survey provides basic information about the entire population. It furnishes results on the size and structure of the population and of households, as well as of residential buildings and dwellings. The results of the preceding year are available at the end of August (population statistics) and in October (household statistics, buildings and dwellings statistics).

Characteristics of the register survey

  • information about people and households on age, sex, civil status, nationality, household size, etc.;
  • information about buildings and dwellings according to building category, number of dwellings, number of rooms, area etc.;
  • complete census based on available register data;
  • the survey is evaluated annually;
  • the data can be evaluated at a very detailed geographical level.

The register survey is not a direct survey of the population, but uses the personal data which are already recorded in the communes’ and cantons’ population registers and in the most important Federal registers of persons. On the other hand, it also uses data from the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings (GWR). The registers of persons and building authorities supply the relevant data for statistical purposes every quarter.

Sending data to the FSO

For further information:

Population and Households Statistics (STATPOP)

Buildings and Dwellings statistic (BDS)


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