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Confederation's statistical multi-annual programme adopted for 2020-2023

The Federal Council wishes to make even better use of data from various administrative offices for official statistics. The reuse of data is a key element of the Confederation’s seventh statistical multi-annual programme which the Federal Council adopted at its meeting on 29th January. It sets out the Federal Council’s guidelines for official statistics for the legislative period up to 2023 and provides an overview of the strategic goals, priorities and activities for all government offices.

The new statistical multi-annual programme should ensure that the potential for digital transformation can be even better exploited. The aim is to continue to consolidate the ongoing production of reliable statistical information prepared according to scientific criteria. In addition, it is also intended that the use of new data sources and the suitability of new, complementary digital methods will be tried and tested.

Furthermore, the multi-annual programme for the period 2020-2023 describes the current challenges for important areas such as the economy, health, population, social issues and territory and the environment. In the process, user needs regarding the communication of statistical information have grown wider and more differentiated. This means that there is an increasing demand for statistical information that is quickly available, easy to understand and accessible via a range of channels. This development represents an opportunity for official statistics as a central reference framework in the planning and management of important political areas and in public decision-making.


The aim of the new multi-annual programme is also that persons and enterprises only need to report certain information to the authorities once, meaning that the burden placed on them is further reduced. This is a mandate from the Federal Council and Parliament. To ensure that the required data can be efficiently exchanged, the independent and somewhat diverse systems of the various administrative offices must first of all be able to work together seamlessly.


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Confederation's statistical multi-annual programme adopted for 2020-2023
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