Health care costs and financing in 2020: provisional results Total health expenditure in 2020 at CHF 83.3 billion

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Total health expenditure in 2021 at CHF 86.3 bn

26.04.2022 - Health expenditure in 2020 rose by 1.0% compared with the previous year, an increase that was below the five-year average of +2.3%. The percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) spent on health care at current prices also rose to 11.8% (11.3% in 2019). These are the latest findings of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) on the costs and financing of the health care system.

You can find further information in the press releases in German, French and Italian. The English version only contains the lead of the press release.


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Total health expenditure in 2020 at CHF 83.3 billion
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