Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland and Statistical Data on Switzerland 2021 Statistical Yearbook 2021 of Switzerland with a new chapter on historical population census data

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New yearbook: Federal statistics experts present a portrait of Switzerland

26.03.2021 - The new edition of the Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland offers some exciting new features: covering around 700 pages, the publication also includes data from historical population censuses which provide insights into long-term demographic developments. Current topics such as enterprise groups and the cultural economy are also featured in more detail. In the course of this yearbook edition, the interactive statistical regional portraits on the web were also updated. These make it possible to quickly compare key figures for the individual communes, cities, cantons, Switzerland and European neighbouring countries.

A chapter in this year’s edition focuses on the newly digitalised population census data. Thematic maps highlight the long-term developments in gender and age, the foreign population, the religious landscape and language. The maps and data are also available in interactive form in the web publication “(Re)counting Switzerland” – population censuses available from 1850:

This innovation is the result of a cooperation between the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), National Museum Zurich and the sotomo research unit at the University of Zurich.

In the Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland 2021, information from new statistics such as the composite statistics on the cultural economy (chapter 16) or fast-growing enterprises, enterprise groups (chapter 6) and road lengths (chapter 11) is also included for the first time or covered in more detail. 

Regional portraits 2021 – interactive and in open formats

The interactive statistical regional portraits are also updated and newly published at the same time as the Statistical Yearbook. With simple overviews in tabular and graphical form, these web applications can be used to access key figures for the individual communes, cities, cantons, Switzerland and neighbouring European countries. This allows comparisons to be made more quickly and easily:

The key figures of the statistical regional portrait are now also available as open, machine-readable data for further use in the Swiss Statistics Portal and on the federal administration’s “Open Government Data” platform:

Extracts from the Statistical Yearbook also available digitally

The Statistical Yearbook of Switzerland 2021 is available in full bilingually in French and German and is thus 688 pages long. It contrasts and supplements the FSO’s extensive statistical online information and databases which can be accessed via the Swiss Statistics Portal:

Extracts from the Statistical Yearbook are also available as a special website at and in the individual thematic pages of the Swiss Statistics Portal. A special website shows a selection of interesting content from previous yearbooks.

Statistical Data available in five languages

Like the yearbook, the Statistical Data on Switzerland 2020 is also divided into the topics of official statistics. Short texts, simple tables and numerous graphics invite the reader to browse through and discover 52 colourful pages of key statistical information – each time with notes on the extended offering. 

Available online and free of charge, it is published in full in five languages: in addition to German, French and Italian it is also available in Romansh and English. It is also available as an interactive, digital publication in the FSO app “SwissStats” and in a web viewer for use with screens or mobile devices.

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