Study and living conditions at Swiss higher education institutions in 2020: first results Students work about 10 hours per week in addition to their studies

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More than one in two students say they have difficulties with their studies and one in ten are thinking of dropping out

23.02.2021 - On average, students undertake 9.7 hours of paid work per semester week in addition to their studies. Roughly three-quarters of students have a job. Earnings from such jobs account for 39% of students’ monthly income. But more than half of their monthly income still comes from financial contributions made by family members. Four out of ten students live at home with their parents. These are some of the preliminary findings from the 2020 Survey on the Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life conducted by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). These findings represent the situation before the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find further information in the press releases in German, French and Italian. The English version only contains the lead of the press release.


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Students work about 10 hours per week in addition to their studies
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