Das neue Volkszählungssystem Evaluationsbericht des Bundesrates

Evaluationsbericht des Bundesrates

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Language DE
Other languages IT , FR
Type Publication
Published on 01.12.2017
Published by Federal Chancellery / Federal Statistical Office
Theme Economic and social situation of the population / Construction and housing / Mobility and transport / Population / Education and science / Culture, media, information society, sports / Statistical basis and overviews / Territory and environment / Work and income
FSO number be-d-40-vz_EvaRFP
Survey, statistics Omnibus 2017: Survey on Internet use
Buildings and Dwellings statistic (since 2009)
Omnibus 2010: Survey on the Internet access of households and private Internet use
Omnibus 2014: Survey on nutrition and Internet use
Population and Households Statistics
Structural Survey
Omnibus 2015: Perception of the environment by the population
Omnibus 2011: survey on life in Switzerland
Associated documents Assessment report of the new population census system