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Swiss Statistics
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Crime, criminal justice

What's new?

Review: Recent Publications

In the News

The latest data


The annual data for a past year are generally available as from January. The key figures are to be published in January on prisons, in March on police crime cases, in June on victim aid, and in October on criminal justice. Inbetween the Federal Statistical Office issues studies on different subjects. Except for the key figures, the detailed datasets and the studies are available in French and German.

The latest data and publications

The data and publications recently released - in French and German - concerned the following subject matters: 

  • Prison and community sanctions - July 2010
    New data on people serving prison terms and community sanctions
    New data on recidivism after release from prison

  • Police crime statistics 2009 - March 2010
    On 22.03.2010, Switzerland opens a new chapter on police crime statistics (PCS). Over the past four years, the Federal Statistical Office has completeley updated the PCS. It closes long-standing information gaps and makes new data available. As a result of the new variables and the standardisations, comparison of the results available for 2009 with previous years is not yet possible or only to a limited extent.
  • Prison statistics (January 2010)
    On 2  September 2009, Switzerland had 6683 places of detention and 6084 inmates. Time series over the last century document that Switzerland had in 1893 6668 places of detention or 218 places for 100'000 persons of the Swiss population, whereas the figure for 2009 was 87 for 100'000 persons of the population.
  • Justice statistics (October 2009)
    The first data on the important reduction on prison terms, from close to 50'000 to some 10'000, of which 7000 are unsuspended. Today, 90% of all sanctions imposed are monetary penalties.
  • Crime victim support (June 2009)
    Crime victim support case load stabilizes with close to 30'000 cases in which victims or related persons received support. In 54% of the cases, there was a family relationship between victime and presumed author of the offence. There were 1140 cases of financial support submitted to the competent authorities. In total, more than 9 million Swiss Francs of financial support were given to crime victims.
  • Recidivism rates (May 2009
    22% of all sentences juveniles and adults are again sentenced in the time frame of 3 years. The chapter on Indicators/data provides a great number of recidivism tables as from 1984 for adult sentenced, as from 1999 for juveniles having been sentenced, and for people freed from prisons.
  • Drug related delinquency (Sepember 2008)
    51% of all police drug reports relate only to consomption of cannabis products; reduction of cannabis use among people aged 24 and less
  • Road Traffic Delinquency (August 2008)
    More than half of all questioned motor vehicle drivers admit driving while using a cell phone. For two thirds of these repondents to detailed questions on traffic behaviour using a cell phone while driving is not a serious offence. (more in German and French)
  • Homicides among intimate partners (March 2008)
    On average, 26 persons are killed annually by former or actual partners (homicides with fatal issue annually: 80 or 1.1 for 100'000 inhabitants).
  • Indeterminate detention (November 2007)
    On average, courts annually sentence some 14 offenders to an indeterminate period of detention, linked to therapeutic treatment.
  • Juvenile delinquency from 1946 until 2004 (September 2007)
    The increase in the rate of penal decisions for juveniles over the last 60 years indicates an intensified use of the criminal law for the control of juveniles. All publications issued between 1946 and 1984 are available on the SFSO-website.


Descriptions of enquiries and statistics

In German and French (for this link see on the pages in German)

Victim support statistics 
Police crime statistics 
Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik
Swiss drug statistics
Schweizerische Betäubungsmittelstatistik
Road traffic control statistics
Statistik der polizeilichen Verkehrskontrollen
Conviction statistics
Penal decisions statistics
Statistik der Jugendstrafurteile
Prison statistics
Statistik des Freiheitsentzugs
Probation statistics
Special survey on homicides
Sondererhebung Tötungsdelikte
Revision of the police crime statistics
Revision der polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik
Survey of motor vehicle drivers
Befragung der Motorfahrzeuglenkenden
Recidivism analyses

In this topic

Panorama: an easily understandable overview of  the most important trends and developments in crime, criminal justice and prisons in Switzerland (in French and German)

Crime, criminal justice, prisons
Key figures are provided in English, the link for Data, indicators points to pages in French (F) (a link is available for pages in German (G))

Crime victim support
Key figures - Data, indicators (F/G)

Police crime reports 
Penal code offences - Data, indicators (F/G)
Drugs law offences  - Data, indicators (F/G)
Traffic law offences - Data, indicators
Analyses: Homicides (F/G only)
Analyses: Drug delinquency (F/G only)

Project:  A new police crime, drug and traffic offence registration is currently implemented and a new database under construction. The progress reports are available in French and German only.

Convictions (adults)
Key figures - Data, indicators (F/G)
Historical data since 1946 (F/G)
Analyses: Changes in sentencing since 1984 - 2006  (F/G)

Penal decisions (juveniles) 
Key figures - Data, indicators (F/G)
Historical data since 1946  (F/G)
Cross sectional topic - Violence (F/G)

Justizvollzugsanstalt Lenzburg AG


Prisons, detention
Establishments and institutions used for detention - Catalogue of Swiss prisons (in F/G)

Key  figures in English on the following topics
Detention in general - total prison population
Pre-trial detention
Detention in view of expulsion and extradition
Sentenced detainees
Community work orders
Electronic monitoring orders

Analyses: The prison sentence and its future in Switzerland - A historical overview in F/G

Cross sectional topics (in French and German)
Road traffic delinquency
Sexual misconduct towards children
Violence: Juveniles as victims and offenders
Recidivism: basic reconviction rates (in English)

A voluminous data collection is available in French and German in the Statistical Encyclopedia of Swiss Statistics


Crime and justice statistics in general
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E-Mail: see under Contact

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