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Wages and income from employment – IndicatorsSalarium - Personal wages calculator

The SALARIUM is at the moment only available in French  External website. Content opens in new window., in German External website. Content opens in new window. or in Italian External website. Content opens in new window.

If you use Internet Explorer 11, please follow these steps: from the Salarium webpage, go to “Compatibility View settings” by clicking “Tools -> Compatibility View settings” in the toolbar menu and then add the suggested webpage. Refresh your browser window, Salarium should now work properly.


What is the Salarium?

The personal wages ‘Salarium’ is an interactive application which allows you to obtain for a specific job (economic branch, region etc) and for a selection of individual characteristics (age, level of education etc.) the following salary information: 

  •  the gross monthly salary (middle or median value) 
  •  the salary dispersion (interquartile range) 
  •  factors influencing the salary (table of salary variations by region, level of education etc.)
  •  comparison with personal salary data (total salary based on the same salary components as the median salary)

The values calculated by the Salarium are based on a provisional model designed by the FSO (please see details on the method in the info library - available in French or in German) and uses the data gathered from the Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (ESS) 2010, i.e. some 1.4 million salary data from people employed in the private sector.

How to use the Salarium

Step 1: fill out the six compulsory fields (*) of the profile, i.e. business sector, region, occupation, level of qualification, professional position and working hours.

Step 2: fill out one or more optional fields depending on how much detail you wish for the profile in which you are interested. Please note: fields left empty are automatically assigned the value most frequently observed in the ESS survey for the chosen business sector (e.g. the field "education" when left empty most often takes the value corresponding to "apprenticeship completed").

► Once the profile is confirmed, the Salarium will carry out the calculations and display the results.

Step 3: indicate the amounts corresponding to the personal salary components in order to calculate the real gross monthly salary.

The real gross monthly salary obtained can be directly compared with the median salary.

Any more questions?

Telephone: +41 58 463 64 29


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