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Swiss Statistics


What’s new?

Review: Recent Publications

The latest data

See the latest monthly,  quarterly and annual Swiss demographic figures.

The new population census

More information about the new population census on these pages.

More questions?

Our Information desk is available to answer your questions: 

Demography and migration

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Statistical data

Language, religion and culture survey 2014

The statistical information from the language, religion and culture survey (LRCS) contribute to guide the policy of multilingualism and cultural policy as well as the religious “vivre ensemble” in Switzerland.

More information in French External website. Content opens in new window. German External website. Content opens in new window. or Italian External website. Content opens in new window..


Families and Generations Survey 2013 - First results

How many children do young women and men wish to have?

How do adult children and their parents help one another?

This publicaiton presents the initial findings from the Families and Generations Survey, 2013.

Families and households

Key figures about families and households.

Population size and population composition

Key figures about age, nationality, sex and marital status.

Components of population change

Key figures about change in population and migrations.

Migration and integration

Key figures about the foreign population in Switzerland.

Future demographic evolution

Information available only in French and German.

Languages and religions

Key figures about languages and religions.

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