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Swiss Statistics


What we offer


The official Swiss Statistics is organized around 21 main topics. Those for which English material is available are listed on the left.

Our offer in the English language is currently minimal. As more resources become available we hope to improve this situation. Until such time you are warmly invited to consult either the French or German versions of this Portal, both of which offer the whole breadth of our online information.

Did you know that...

Switzerland is made up of 26 Cantons

In December 2015 the country was made up of 2'294 Communes

We offer a set of key data on all Swiss communes

Participatory Democracy

Swiss citizens are very regularly called to the ballot box. We get to vote on just about everything, from International treaties to environmental protection measures, from justice reform to military expenditures.

In the news

Economic and Financial data for Switzerland

The Swiss Government publishes a series of key economic and financial data in accordance with the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board.

Pocket statistical data

One of our most popular publication is also available in English: Our Pocket Statistical Data offers a complete and up-to-date statistical overview of Switzerland, including international comparisons.

How expensive is it?

Switzerland has a reputation for being a rather expensive country. But how expensive is it really?

But surely, salaries make up for the high cost of living?

Good question. See for yourself.

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