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Swiss Statistics issues English versions of its press release leads. Interested readers will find the complete versions in German, French and Italian on the Portal (use links in the upper right side of this page).
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01.07.2016 09:15  - FSO, Social Analysis (0353-1606-70)
Total Social Security Accounts 2014
Social security expenditure accounted for 24.5% of GDP

Neuchâtel, 01.07.2016 (FSO) – In 2014 expenditure on social benefits from the Swiss social security system amounted to CHF 157 billion. This corresponds to a 24.5% share of the gross domestic product (GDP). Compared with the previous year, inflation-adjusted expenditure rose by 2.1%. This increase was below the average annual growth rate since 1990 of 3.3%. Since 1990 real expenditure has more than doubled. These are some of the provisional results from the 2014 Total Social Security Accounts of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

01.07.2016 09:15  - FSO, Economic Surveys (0353-1606-60)
Retail trade turnover in May 2016
Swiss retail trade turnover falls by 2.3%

Neuchâtel, 01.07.2016 (FSO) – Turnover in the retail sector fell by 2.3% in nominal terms in May 2016 compared with the previous year. This decline has been ongoing since January 2015. Seasonally adjusted, nominal turnover fell by 0.1% compared with the previous month. These are provisional findings from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

30.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Demography and Migration (0353-1606-50)
Natural population change 2015
More paternity acknowledgements and divorces

Neuchâtel, 30.06.2016 (FSO) – Births outside marriage, paternity acknowledgements and divorces increased in 2015. There was also a rise in births in general and in deaths. Marriages and registered partnerships declined. These are the definitive findings of the Vital Statistics from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

24.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, National Accounts (0353-1606-40)
Tourism balance of payments 2015
Tourism balance of payments affected by strong franc

Neuchâtel, 24.06.2016 (FSO) – The strong franc in 2015 made Switzerland less attractive to foreign tourists, whereas holidays abroad maintained their appeal to Swiss residents. Foreign tourists spent CHF 15.7 billion in Switzerland in 2015, 3.4% less than in 2014, while the spending of Swiss tourists abroad remained constant at CHF 15.4 billion (-0.1%). According to initial estimates from the Federal Statistical Office, the tourism balance of payments remained in positive figures at CHF 323 million.

23.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Prices (0353-1606-30)
Swiss Construction Output Price Index in April 2016
Prices fall by 0.5% in construction

Neuchâtel, 23.06.2016 (FSO) – The construction output price index recorded a drop of 0.5% between October 2015 and April 2016, reaching 99.5 points (base October 2015 = 100). This result reflects a fall in building and civil engineering prices. Year on year, construction prices fell by 0.1% according to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

23.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Health (0353-1606-20)
Causes of death in 2014
Ageing population influences causes of death

Neuchâtel, 23.06.2016 (FSO) – In 2014 there were approximately 1000 fewer deaths than one year earlier. A decrease in the probability of dying was observed in all age groups. Meanwhile, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and dementia remain the three most common causes of death in Switzerland. These are the main findings of the Causes of Death Statistics from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

14.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Prices (0353-1606-10)
Producer and Import Price Index in May 2016
0.4% rise in Producer and Import Price Index

Neuchâtel, 14.06.2016 (FSO) – The Producer and Import Price Index rose in May 2016 by 0.4% compared with the previous month, reaching 99.7 points (base December 2015 = 100). This was primarily attributable to higher prices for scrap and petroleum products. Compared with May 2015, the price level of the whole range of domestic and imported products fell by 1.2%. These are the findings of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

08.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Prices (0353-1606-00)
Swiss Consumer Price Index in May 2016
Consumer prices increase by 0.1%

Neuchâtel, 08.06.2016 (FSO) – The Swiss Consumer Price Index increased by 0.1% in May 2016 compared with the previous month, reaching 100.6 points (December 2015=100). Inflation was
-0.4% in comparison with the same month in the previous year. These are the findings of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

07.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Economic Surveys (0353-1605-60)
Employment barometer in 1st quarter 2016
Employment growth, but only in tertiary sector
Varying employment trends

Neuchâtel, 07.06.2016 (FSO) - In the 1st quarter 2016 total employment (number of jobs) rose by 0.6% compared with the same quarter a year ago (0.0% compared with the previous quarter). In full-time equivalents, employment in the same period fell by 0.2%. The other employment indicators also showed a downward trend. These are the findings of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

07.06.2016 09:15  - FSO, Tourism (0353-1605-90)
Tourism accommodation statistics during the winter season and April 2016
Foreign overnight stays decline whereas domestic demand increases over the winter season

Neuchâtel, 07.06.2016 (FSO) - The hotel sector registered 15.4 million overnight stays in Switzerland during the winter season (November 2015 to April 2016). This represents a decrease of 1.8% (-277,000 overnight stays) compared with the same period a year earlier. With a total of 8.0 million overnight stays, foreign demand showed a drop of 3.8% (-313,000). Domestic visitors registered 7.4 million overnight stays, i.e. an increase of 0.5% (+36,000). During the month of April 2016, 2.3 million overnight stays were generated, corresponding to a fall of 2.9% (-69,000) compared with April 2015. These are the provisional results from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

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