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Eurostat - income, social inclusion and living conditionsIntroduction

European statistics on income and living conditions SILC

The European Union's Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU SILC) are the main source of indicators on social protection and inclusion at European level. These statistics, which are used to monitor policy across the European Union, are defined jointly by almost 30 countries as part of the Open Method of Coordination on social protection and inclusion.

The aim of the EU-SILC survey is to examine income distribution, poverty, social exclusion and living conditions. It is mainly interested in income but also housing conditions, deprivation, education, childcare, health etc.

Each country organises the survey, collects data and handles the dissemination of national results. The high level of coordination of survey methods, of the definition of data collected and basic indicators makes SILC a key survey for international comparisons at European level. The EU-SILC indicators are presented here (see left-hand side navigation) with direct links to Eurostat's online indicators.


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