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Swiss Statistics
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World Data


Urban Audit

Urban Audit

Quality of Life in the Cities
For the first time 24 indicators show various aspects of the quality of life in the Swiss Urban Audit cities. For more information on the quality of life in Switzerland’s ten most populated cities.

Statistical atlas of cities
New layout and additional features: Discover the latest maps in the Atlas of Cities (in German or French).

City and Agglomeration Portraits
Interactive portraits allow the comparison of indicators for all Urban Audit cities simultaneously. To the City Portraits (in German or French) and to the Agglomeration Portraits (in German or French)

Indicators 2014

A selected set of indicators has been updated and sets the Swiss Urban Audit cities in comparison with European cities. Indicators (currently only in German and French)

Country portraits 2014

Current statistical portraits for a selected country can be compared with Switzerland or any one of 35 different countries.

Statistical Atlas of Switzerland: «International» domain

Statistical Atlas of Switzerland

The «International» chapter in the Statistical Atlas provides interactive thematic maps for all key figures presented in the country portraits. Go ahead and discover interesting European statistical data visually.

European data

As a starting point one should take a look at the 21 main Eurostat indicators.

A guide for further information on accessing European data is also available:


Swiss statistics can be found directly in the THEMES section.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has developed a General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) to facilitate worldwide publication of the most important economic data. The IMF coordinates the release of statistical data for the more than one hundred countries that have chosen to participate in the GDDS.

International statistical institutions

The INSTITUTIONS section contains a list of national statistical institutions and statistical departments within international organisations.

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