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Swiss Statistics

Swiss Public Statistics CharterIntroduction

The Swiss Public Statistics Charter - now the Charter of Swiss Official Statistics - was adopted by the Swiss Conference of Regional Statistical Offices (CORSTAT) and the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) in 2002. This Charter was revised in 2007 and 2012. By adopting a code of ethics, statisticians affirm that their activity is an essential public service which meets the needs of our democratic society and those of a modern State. Statisticians give utmost priority to the relevance, quality and impartiality of the information they produce and disseminate.

The current Charter has been brought into line with the European Statistics Code of Practice. It opens with a preamble, which is followed by 21 basic principles. Indicators explain and elaborate upon each of the principles. The Charter's scope of application, its organisational arrangements, the mandate of the Ethics Council and a comparison of the Charter and the European Statistics Code of Practice are presented in the annexes.



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