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Classifications, Inventories – NOGA General Classification of Economic Activities Overview

Brief descriptionThe NOGA 2008 (General Classification of Economic Activities) is an essential tool for structuring, analysing and presenting statistical data. With the NOGA, the statistical units “enterprises” and “establishments” (in the sense of local units) can be classified according to their economic activity and arranged in coherent groups. The NOGA can be used for various purposes to depict the real situation as accurately as possible in an exhaustive and sufficiently detailed manner.

Not only is the NOGA 2008 modelled after the latest version of the Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE, rev. 2), it also takes into account the needs of various stakeholders in Switzerland.
Office responsibleSwiss Federal Statistical Office, SFSO
Unit responsibleBusiness Registers Data, Classification of economic activities unit
InformationCindia Duc Sfez,
Tel. +41 58 463 65 23,
Legal basisNone
StructureA five-tiered structure is used in the NOGA 2008 to classify 794 different economic activities. In other words, a 6-digit code is assigned to each activity (referred to as “type”). The first four levels of the NOGA structure are compatible with the NACE. Level five (“type”) takes into account details that reflect the Swiss reality.
Language versionsGerman, French and Italian
Version- Version of NOGA 2008 currently in use from 1st January 2008
- Previous version of NOGA 2008; NOGA 2002
Related classificationsNACE Rev. 2 (CPA), ISIC Rev. 4 (CPC)
Main applicationsThe NOGA is used to assign codes to enterprises and establishments.

- Statistics: classification and comparison of statistics (at national and international levels);
- Taxation;
- Insurance: database of customers, high-risk groups, setting premiums, etc.
- Banking: database of customers, high-risk credits, etc.

Publications NOGA 2002

Publications NOGA 2008

Coding assistance tool "KUBB 2008"

NACE Rev. 2

CPA 2008

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