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Swiss Statistics

Surveys, Sources – Structural SurveyeCensus

The structural survey questionnaire on the internet

The structural survey questionnaire is targeted at randomly selected persons. Together with the data from the population registers, the structural survey will provide important information on the structure of the permanent resident population of Switzerland.

To complete the questionnaire on the internet (eCensus):
You can suspend the questionnaire at any time by clicking on 'Logout' and rejoin the questionnaire again later. The questions you have already answered will be saved.

Before you start to complete the questionnaire, you are advised to have the following documents ready:

• rental details - you will find the necessary information in your rental agreement
• AHV insurance number (also for the other persons in your household) (AHV: Swiss old age and survivors' insurance) - you will find the AHV number on a wage certificate, on the AHV card or in most cases on the health insurance card.

To access the questionnaire you need to enter your user name and your password. You will find this information on the top right of the personal questionnaire. External website. Content opens in new window. 

The Personal questionnaire and the Household and Dwelling questionnaire are available only in Switzerland’s four national languages – German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romansch. However a translation aid is available, including in English, in a pdf document at the website of the new census External website. Content opens in new window.

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