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Swiss Statistics

Surveys, Sources – Structural SurveyOverview

Brief description Since 2010, the Structural Survey is realized within the framework of the new population census. The main focus of this survey is the observation of the socio-economic and socio-cultural structures of the population in Switzerland.
Institution responsible Federal Statistical Office
Responsible service Population
Responsible person / information
Conducted by Federal Statistical Office (FSO)
Legal bases
  • Swiss Federal Law of 22 June 2007 on the Federal Population Census (CC 431.112)
  • Swiss Federal Ordinance of  19 December 2008 on the Federal Population Census (CC 431.112.1)
Type of survey / statistic Sample survey of 200'000 persons with
  • written questionnaire
  • questionnaire through the internet (eSurvey)
Statistical basis and survey units Persons aged 15 or more of the permanent resident population living in private households
Features registered Key variables:
Language, religion, education, work and employment, mobility of commuters, types of households and families, status of occupation of the dwelling and rent
Degree of regionalisation Canton
Reference period 31 December of each year
Period survey conducted 31 December 2010 for the first time
Periodicity Annual
Available since 2010
Last Update 15.06.2016
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