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Swiss Statistics

Enquiries, Sources - Business Census (BC)Overview

Brief description The Business Census (BC) is a survey of all second and third sector businesses and enterprises throughout Switzerland. Its aim is to collect complete data from all economic production units on economic, social and regional aspects. The BC is used to update the Business and Enterprise Register (BER) and serves as a reference for various statistics.

The BC was conducted until 2008 and then it was substituted by STATENT.
Institution responsible Federal Statistical Office
Responsible service Business Registers Data
Responsible person / information
Ian Boborodea, +41 58 463 64 95,

+41 58 463 62 66
Conducted by Federal Statistical Office (FSO) with support from regional statistical offices.
Legal bases Ordinance on the Conduct of Statistical Surveys by the Confederation of 30 June 1993 (RS 431.012.1).
Type of survey / statistic The BC is a complete survey. Data are collected by means of: paper questionnaires, online questionnaires (eSurvey), profiling (separate interviews of large (government) administration units and enterprises). Participation in the survey is compulsory.
Statistical basis and survey units The BC is a complete survey of the workplaces and businesses of the second and third sectors. The units analysed are the workplaces and businesses.
Features registered Location (address), economic activity, number of  persons employed by hours of work, sex and nationality.
Degree of regionalisation Communes, hectares for geocoded data
Reference period Last working day in September. The BC2008 is based on the reference day 30 September 2008.
Periodicity Three times per decade (i.e. in years ending with 1, 5 and 8). For the last time in 2008.
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